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FORESTGAME is a project co-funded by the programme Erasmus+ of the European Union, under the gran agreement 2017-1-ES01-KA202-038239

The FORESTGAME Project has been developed based on the detected training needs in the sector of forest fire prevention and extinction.
The requirements for the tasks of fire prevention and firefighting workers may be incompatible with the psychophysical circumstances of older workers. This may compromise the safety of older workers who perform such tasks.
In order to prevent such circumstances from arising, it is necessary to address the development of worker’s; skills in early training and always taking into account the health and safety perspective.
This ensures that at all times, and regardless of age, the worker can perform fire-fighting tasks in accordance with his or her psychological and physical needs Based on these needs, a Consortium formed by 5 expert organizations in this sector have developed a complementary Training Program for this group of workers, which will allow them to improve their physical and mental capacities to face the demands of the job, guaranteeing an adequate professionalization in terms of health and safety.
The course includes a self-assessment tool developed to evaluate the learning outcomes called “TRIVIA FORESTGAME” which has been developed based on gamification principles. The game is built upon a series of questions that the student has to answer in order to level up thus assessing his or her knowledge in a fun and engaging way.
The main results of the Project have been gathered in a Moodle Platform, where the contents of the Training Program developed by the partners, including the TRIVIA FORESTGAME, are hosted.
The Project has been developed over 24 months of work, from December 2017 until December 2019.


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