The project has developed a training program, harmonized amongst the
consortium countries, allowing the professionals of the sector to carry out
with total guarantee of security and health the activities of extinction and
prevention of forest fires. The training contents are especially focused on
the physical and mental demands of fire prevention and extinguishing
operators’ workplaces.

Background and needs

The fight against forest fires requires the assistance of specialized personnel who carry out surveillance and extinction tasks with the greatest efficiency and at the same time with maximum security against possible accidents.

The requirements for the tasks of fire prevention and firefighting workers may be incompatible with the psycho-physical circumstances of senior workers. This can compromise the safety of workers of a certain age performing such tasks.
In order to prevent such circumstances from arising, it is necessary to address the development of workers’ skills in early training and always taking into account the health and safety perspective.

This ensures that at all times, and regardless of age, the worker will be able to carry out firefighting tasks in accordance with their psychological-physical requirements.


  1. To integrate the technical training of fire prevention and firefighting workers so that other aspects relevant to the job are considered such as the physical and mental demands.
  2. To acquire, improve and master the skills, necessary to carry out the firefighter work.
  3. To improve the performance and well-being of workers through specific training in aspects of physical and mental health.
  4. To achieve a good level of physical and psychological training influenced specifically by teaching and learning the physical and psychological basics necessary for the execution of activities.
  5. And finally, to provide, at European level, complementary training for this group of workers, which will allow them to improve their physical and mental capacities to face the demands of the job, guaranteeing an adequate professionalization in terms of health and safety.


The partnership is composed of five institutions who know perfectly the sector in their countries, and represent the interests of workers, firefighters and trainers.



Multinational company specialized in vocational training and work safety




General Workers Union




Baltic Education Technology Institute







Asociación Nacional de empresas forestales



  • FORESTGAME training program will allow fire prevention and extinguishing professionals throughout Europe to carry out their work with full health and safety guarantees.
  • The multidisciplinary training contents integrating medical aspects related to the physical and mental conditions of fire prevention and extinguishing tasks cover a training need not addressed so far.
  • FORESTGAME training course, allocated on a Moodle Platform and including a Serious Game for a more fun and engaging learning process, will improve safety and efficiency in the fire prevention and extinguishing sector throughout Europe.
  • Because of its high transferability potential to fire fighting authorities in other EU countries, the complementary training offered by FORESTGAME training course will improve the professional qualification of the workers of the forest fire prevention and extinguishing sector at European level.