Training Program


The two main results of FORESTGAME are a training program and a trivia game for self assessment of the learning outcomes.

The training programme is made by 9 different modules, divided in 3 blocks:

Block A: Aspects that can affect the physical condition

1. Nutrition.

2. Physical condition.

3. The smoke.

4. Ergonomics and muscle-skeletal injuries.

Block B: Aspects that may affect the safety of the person

5. Mechanical tools.

6. Driving machines.

Block C: Specific aspects of Fire Fighting

7. Protective equipment.

8. Human behaviour.

9. Thermal stress.

In order to assess the acquired competences, the training program is complemented by a gamified self-assessment tool called “Trivia FORESTGAME”.


The contents of the Training Program developed by the partners, including the “Trivia FORESTGAME” are hosted on a Moodle Platform. You can access the course through Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

How to log in and access to the FORESTGAME Training Program from your desktop computer:


Select create new account and choose your username and password


Click on “Trivia FORESTGAME” to proceed.


You will access to the different modules and the trivia game by clicking on “Game” at the end of the module’s description

How to log in and access to the FORESTGAME Training Program from your mobile devices:

You have the option to scan the Quick Response (QR) code below:

If you are not able to scan the QR code, follow the instructions below:


Download the Moodle Mobile app available for Android and iOS:


Install and open the app then type the following site address:


Once you are logged in, follow the same steps for computer devices.

Enjoy learning and playing with Trivia FORESTGAME!